AMA coaching

Getting the best out of life. And out of yourself. Isn’t that what we all want? But how do you achieve this?

It’s not always easy to find your way through life, both profesionally and personally. We are faced with a spectrum of choices and possibilities, but also of obstacles and limitations. Communication means facilitate a high speed in working and living. Multitasking and performance measurement raise the bar and the time pressure. Often our possibilities remain unused and our wishes and goals unatained. And precisely this is what AMA coaching can help you with.

AMA coaching is a flexible practice for personal, career, management and strategy coaching. Flexible through it’s many possibilities (for example coaching per face to face conversation, telephone or e-mail) and the tailor made individual and team coaching style. Read more about the various types of coaching on the relevant pages on this site.

A coaching path is above all tailor made to your situation. In mainlines this path is shaped as follows:
• Identify your coaching question
• Analyse your current situation
• Formulate your wishes and goals
• Research your possibilities, obstacles and any development areas
• Develop a plan to migrate from your current situation to your desired situation
• Undertake activities in order to realise your wishes and goals

The word AMA means ‘love’ and ‘strength’. AMA is also the name of Japanese pearldivers who dive the ocean for pearls without compressed air. Are you going to, out of love for yourself and your environment, use your strength to dive for your own ‘pearls’? Or the ‘pearls’ of your organisation? AMA coaching would be happy to help you with this.