Career coaching

When to choose for career coaching?
Career coaching is the solution if you want to change something in your professional life. If your work gives you too little pleasure and takes more energy than it gives. If you are stuck and would like to do something else. Or if you want to give your career more direction. It helps you with the following questions:
• What is my dream job and how do I realise it?
• How do I give my career the right form and direction?
• How do I get more professional challenge, diversity and connection?
• What are my qualities, competencies and development areas?
• How to prevent or reduce work related stress and insecurity?
• How to build, maintain, improve and use a good network?
• How can I present myself during work or application?
• What can I do to impress and influence?

What is career coaching?
Work is important, you invest a lot of time in it and want to get satisfaction and fun out of it. Yet many people do not find their job satisfactory, which can cause mental or physical complaints. Career coaching is an individual coaching path that will help you to find out which type of work and environment suit your qualities and passions. To then make and carry out a plan of actions to make your wishes come true.

Who is it for?
Career coaching is for anyone who wants a new impulse in their professional life. For whom has gotten stuck by too many choices, obstacles and complex situations and can use a sparring partner in this. Someone who wants satisfaction and development in (professional) life and may want to shift borders.

Together we will explore your wishes, motivations, qualities, passion, development areas, options and the labour market. For this I enter a conversation with you, we analyse and do exercises, questionnaires and tests. We also look at your obstacles and how to deal with them. If we have gained all information needed and the answers to your coaching questions, we make a concrete plan, by which you gradually shape your new professional course.