Management coaching

When to choose for management coaching?
Being a manager is fascinating and complex. You juggle between various interests and relations, performances and (de)motivation, creation and operation, strategic goals and ad hoc situations, time pressure and workload, knowledge, ability and change. Management coaching helps you to become more aware of your management style and to make choice in it. It give you the answers to questions like:
• How can I motivate and stimulate employees?
• How do I achieve organizational goals?
• How do I get more régie and prevent being taken in by the day’s turns?
• How to build (a better relationship with) my team?
• How to get to efficiency and effectiveness of myself and others?
• How do I raise the quality of performance, products and services?
• How can I communicate better and prevent of deal with conflict?
• How can I create and realise a strategy?
• How do I take the right decision at the right moment?

What is management coaching?
Management coaching is an individual or team coaching path in which strengths and weaknesses of the managerial situation become apparent and activities will be undertaken to create further development in this area.

Who is it for?
Management coaching is a great tool for managers, leaders, supervisors, mentors and coordinators who want to make progress in their professional development and management style. Meant for individual managers as well as management teams.

We will gain insight in your management situation and style, as well as in the factors of the environment. Your wishes and goals will be researched and formulated. After that we examine possibilities and any development areas. And we think of and take steps to take you from the current to the desired situation.