My profile

• Wide coaching experience in various areas
• 11 years human resources development & management experience
• 3 year consultancy experience in areas strategy, personell en organisation
• 12 years management/leadership experience in areas such as: management development, strategy, change processes, talent development, training, quality, operations, sales, service
• 7 years membership of management teams on national and international (EMEA) level
• 18 years internationale experience (6 years in various other countries and 12 years in international organisations in the Netherlands), language skills: English, Dutch, French, Spanish, German and some Italian
• experience mostly in profit sector, but also some experience in non-profit sector

• educational activities coaching:
– (team) coaching, the Oxford Group, United Kingdom
– coaching skills, CIPD, United Kingdom
– systems thinking, Linkage International, U.S.A./ United Kingdom
– life coaching, NHA, the Netherlands
– NLP practitioner (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), NTI-NLP, the Netherlands
– communication trainings, various
• educational activities consultancy:
– basic education for management consultants, S.I.O.O. (Interuniversitary Center for development in the area of organisation and change skills), the Netherlands
• educational activities management/leadership:
– leadership with accountability, Master Connections Associates, U.S.A.
– management development traject, Kern Konsult, the Netherlands
– management development traject, S. Dil, the Netherlands
– models for management, Chartwell-Bratt, United Kingdom
– negotiation skills, Match, United Kingdom
• educational activities human resources management/development:
– competenty management, job grading & descriptions, Hay Group, United Kingdom
– trainer GTC (Group Training Certificate), Intercontinental Hotels Group, the Netherlands
– sickness management, Schermer, Trommel & de Jong, the Netherlands
– labour market communication, Steam, the Netherlands
– CAO training, Dutch association of hospitals, the Netherlands

Hobbies en interests
• photography, reading, music, nature, hiking, travel, different cultures, dancing, watersports and psychology