Personal coaching

When to choose for personal coaching?
Personal coaching is a good move if you are not (entirely) satisfied with your life, performances, behaviour or relationships. If you want to move on and turn a change or crisis into something positive. Or if you just want to find out what your options are. It give you the answers to questions like:
• What are my qualities and where and how can I further develop myself?
• What are my goals, what do I want?
• How can I better deal with changes and obstacles?
• How to get control and how to let go?
• How to raise my inspiration and motivation?
• How do I find my balance and protect my bounderies?
• How do I run an effective network and improve my connection with others?
• How can I strongly present myself and have influence?

What is personal coaching?
Personal coaching is an individual coaching path aimed at raising awareness, personal development and behavioural enhancement. You obtain insights in your qualities, obstacles, patterns, wishes and possibilities and you make choices for personal growth activities. It will bring you peace of mind, security and strength, items that you need to feel happy and function well, both professionally and personally. You can give more direction to your acts and are more in control of your life. It gives you more freedom and connection to yourself.

Who is it for?
Anyone who wants to realise small and large wishes or goals, both on professional and personal levels, can truly benefit from personal coaching. It is for those who are willing to look consciously at themselves and at life and who wants to get the best out of it. To self develop, ask questions and reflect.

Personal coaching is about you, you are at the centre of it all. But it’s also about your relationship to others, your work and other parts of your live. Together we explore your current situation, formulate your personal wishes and goals, develop and walk a path to realise them. Personal coaching can be profound and at times confronting. This is a necessity for getting self knowledge as well as acceptance of the situation and enabling change and improvement from that point forward.