An interactive coaching path brings you many results. It will bring improvement to various aspects of your life, which will benefit you long term. It also asks you for your time and effort. The larger your commitment and effort, the faster and better the result. Besides the time investment of the coaching sessions, you can count on needed time for personal activities, such as assignments, research etc.

The possibilies at AMA coaching are as follows:

Types of coaching
• personal coaching
• career coaching
• management coaching
• strategy coaching

Forms of coaching
• introductory session of 0,5 hour (free of charge)
• combination introduction & 1st coaching session (reduced rate)
• face to face sessions with flexible duration
• face to face sessions of 1.5 hours
• telephone sessions with flexible duration
• telephone sessions of 1 hour
• e-mail coaching with flexible e-mail size
• e-mail coaching of maximum A4 size
• ticket strip (reduced rate)
• coaching in English and in Dutch language

Coaching locations
• coaching in AMA coaching space (The Netherlands: Kwadijk, Amsterdam en Purmerend)
• coaching on location (travel rate)
• coaching in outdoor nature areas

If you want more information on the possibilities and rates, please contact AMA coaching, see details on contact page of this site.

The General Terms of Business that are applicable to all AMA coaching services, can be found here.