Jos Weesjes, Vice President Global Hotel Marketing Distribution & Relationship Marketing, Intercontinental Hotels Group Wordwide:

“Joke has successfully coached many individuals, including myself, and teams in our company with personal or professional development, communication and business issues. With her analytical helicopter view and effective communication skills she has brought real insight in underlying issues and the way forward. Her positive approach, respect and genuine interest, have made people open up for coaching and change. Joke””s coaching abilities have clearly lead to development of staff and progress in complex or stagnated business situations.”

Bauke Vriesema, Consultant, Voogt Pijl & Partners management consultants:

“A coach should have the life experience to ask the right questions and the patience to really listen to the answers. I have experienced Joke to be a person who possesses both these characteristics and used them to bring an important contribution to clarifying the new directions in my life.”

Peter Verhoef, Buyer, HEMA (previously Manager Buying, Vriesia):

“With humor, an open vision and a practical approach, Joke has coached me during the idea forming, making and carrying out of the strategic plans at Vriesia, together with the other management team members. As a coach, Joke is a talking mirror. She provides your behavior with feedback. In her unique and positive way she asks critical questions, that help to reach an optimal end result. Precisely this leading towards the end result was very appealing to me in the approach of Joke. I would gladly work with her again.”

Joachim Mädlow, Information Designer, Total Identity:

“… I felt stuck and unfit to enter the market. Ultimately my employer gave me the opportunity to work with Joke. I myself am analytic to some extent – however through her pragmatic and concise approach Joke helped me to align my insights and to turn those into concrete actions. The most important was that she brougth back the faith in myself and my possibilities. She was a catalyst that enabled me to, sooner than expected, find a great new job on my own.

Stefan van der Veen, Logistic Manager division Home Services, Cordaan Home Care Amsterdam:

“On both the professional field and the area of personal development I have received coaching from Joke. Joke has an exceptionally good insight in the relation between the organisation and the individual working in this organisation. Her ability to work with a large scale of people is admirable. Both strategy forming with senior management and personal development of employees come easy to her. The method she uses is via purposeful listening, giving space to ideas and supplying insight in underlying issues. Through this she applies good structure. In addition her approach is very open and respectful which makes her easily trustworthy. Joke approaches issues practically, however with an underlying theory in mind. She does this in a pleasant, humorous way, whereby there is no tension. The result is that it makes you open to start working on issues. I gladly work with Joke and highly recommend her.”

Véronique Van Hoye, Employee Engagement/Internal Communications Manager, Heineken International:

“Joke embraces the external and internal diversity of people. A diversity that give colour to the world, but by which we also forget that we are all part of a greater unity and get in conflict and get stuck. Joke as a coach is a balance artist. She helps you to refind your balance, as a result of which you gain more strenght and effectivity in both your private and business life.”

Felix Janssens, Creative Director, Total Identity:

“The sessions with Joke Kok helped me to bring about situational leaderschip and the effect thereof in a vast range of daily situations. Being conscious of my own position, recognising the positions of others and using these insights to better utilise the possibilities between us, so that all parties know how to proceed. The mirror that Joke held up was warm, involved and down to earth.”

Dianne Karhof, Stewardess, KLM:

“Joke has helped me to get a raised insight in my professional situation and behaviour by exploring and structuring matters with me. The atmosphere was pleasant and I felt comfortable. Joke held a mirror up and than you sometimes start to see other things. She was stimulating and at times confronting and this was good. I am now more conscious of my functioning and together we shaped a plan of action for my future professional development. The collaboration with Joke is to my utmost satisfaction and I would certainly recommend her as a coach.”

Jos Weesjes, Vice President Global Hotel Marketing Distribution & Relationship Marketing, Intercontinental Hotels Group Wordwide:

“Joke has greatly contributed towards the growth of our European multi-lingual customer service/sales center in Amsterdam, from employing just under 100 people to currently 400 staff. She has been working in several key operating areas of the center, her last position being Regional Training and Development Manager EMEA. In this role, Joke has been instrumental to review and implement management development and training strategies as well as assist with organizational change processes for the European region. Joke has been a very valuable and trusted re-source for me and always contributed actively toward solving general business issues as member of the center’s and, later, the EMEA regional Management Teams. Her pragmatic approach, sense of humor and her ability to engage herself in general business processes and management issues is something which will be greatly missed.”

Jacob Kamphuis, Director Personell & Organisation, hospital Waterlandziekenhuis Purmerend, concerning recruitment/talentbank:

“… activities were accomplished to our utmost satisfaction. Both clients and managers expressed their satisfaction. Mrs. Kok was able to establish good contacts on all levels.”