Strategy coaching

When to choose for strategy coaching?
Strategy coaching is aimed at the growth of the organisation. Often management is focussed on the steering the daily business. While this approach is very important, the organisation often misses strategic steering, an essential tool for success. Having a vision of the future and goals as well as undertaking actions to realise them brings an organisation raised awareness, management information, direction and positive results. Strategy coaching helps an organisation to find answers to questions like:
• How do we form and realise a strategy?
• How do we want our organisation to be in the future?
• What are our goals?
• What are our growth and development possibilities?
• What are our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats?
• How do we position ourselves in the market?
• How do we raise our results and stay financially healthy?
• How do we raise our customer’s satisfaction?
• How can we be a good employer and do we reach employee satisfaction?
• How do we optimally organise our processes?
• How do we deal with trends and external factors?

What is strategy coaching?
Strategy coaching helps to get to the forming and execution of a strategy aimed at desired organisation wide development.

Who is it for?
Management teams, board of directors, managing directors, (senior) managers who want to progress in the development of strategic policy and management.

Together we will explore the current and desired situation of the organisation. We will develop a mission, vision, success factors and goals as well as a plan of action to realise the goals. Through evaluation and action we ensure that we do not just create pretty words and plans, but that the plan of action is indeed put into practice and, where applicable, adjusted.