Who is AMA coaching?

The person behind and founder of AMA coaching is me, Joke Kok. Key words that others describe me with are: open, sincere, analytical, friendly, perceptive, empathic, goal oriented, person oriented, flexible, organisational orientation, humor, drive, optimistic and creative.

As your coach I will enter a conversation with you in a good atmosphere and a safe environment. Together we will explore your current situation, your possibilities and your desired situation. I listen or read, ask questions, give space to find answers, interact, structure, summarise, challenge and mirror. I think in possibilities and together we will find a way to realise your goals and wishes.

This position has brought a lot to me personally, such as professional experiences in various countries, a management career, space for personal life, personal growth, self reflection, appeasement and freedom. I enjoy being in contact with others, depth, fun, challenge and progress.

Through my wide experiences and various educational activities in the areas of coaching, consultancy, management, strategy and human resources, I can draw from the right baggage for my services.

More information about myself can be found here.